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> What is Pole Fitness?
Pole fitness is a revolutionary form of exercise which takes its characteristics from a mixture of pole dance, Chinese pole (as seen in circus acts) and gymnastics. It combines acrobatics with dance to create a fantastic all over body workout. Some of the many benefits of attending a regular pole fitness class include: increased upper body strength, improved posture, increased confidence levels, improved flexibility, improved core strength & stability, increased muscle tone and weight loss.

> Why Choose POLE CONTROL?
I pride myself in being the very best Instructor I can be. I am both experienced and qualified, and hold comprehensive liability insurance and a current first aid certificate. I regularly attend workshops and spend many hours training for myself, alongside teaching. I have gained approval from the industry regulators (such as PDC) and am committed to providing a safe and fun environment for all students to learn in.

> What Does PDC Approved Mean?
The PDC (Pole Dance Community) sets standards within the industry to create a safe training environment to all pole dance/fitness students. PDC approved schools and instructors must abide by the PDC code of conduct and pass a strict approval system. Click here to learn more. By choosing to train with a PDC approved school you can be sure that you are getting the very best. Another benefit of being PDC approved is to give students the opportunity to take PDC AAP (Advancement & Accreditation Program) gradings, the only world recognised grading procedure for pole fitness.

> Where are the Classes Held?
My private and small group lessons are held at my private, bijou dance studio in Newton Poppleford, Devon EX10. There is plenty of free parking nearby and bus links. Full details including directions, address and post code will be sent upon booking.

> Who Can Take Part?
To take part in a pole fitness session you must be in general good health with no physical ailments. Pole fitness may be unsuitable for those who suffer from neck or back problems, if you are unsure please seek advice from your GP. Pole fitness is unsuitable for those who are pregnant or have recently given birth. If you have recently undergone any surgical procedure please seek medical approval before attending a class. If there is anything that you are unsure of, please contact me and I will be happy to listen and discuss further.

> Is There an Age Limit?
Yes, all students must be aged 16 or over. Persons between the age of 16 and 18 will require written parental consent before participating in a lesson. There is no upper age limit for pole fitness, providing you are generally fit and healthy. 

> Is it Dangerous?
As with any type of sport, pole fitness is not risk free, however I do everything that I can to minimise the risk of injury. I will advance you at a slow and steady rate in order for you to build the strength and confidence required for some of the more difficult moves. I have thick crash mats readily available for use when practising inverted moves, however I will always teach you how to dismount properly in a way that ensures your safety. In addition to all this, I will always be on hand to spot you, with your permission.

> What Do I Wear?
For the warm up you may wear tracksuit bottoms or leggings if you wish, however when it comes to pole spins, climbs etc I recommend that you wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt or vest top to allow for maximum friction between your skin and the pole. For footwear, I recommend bare feet or ballet shoes. High heeled shoes are prohibited. For general fitness sessions, trainers and comfy workout clothing.

> What Should I Bring?
Please bring a bottle of water with you to keep yourself hydrated throughout the lesson. I recommend bringing with you a small hand towel or flannel for your hygiene, plus any grip aids that you might require (beginners, don't worry about this - I will explain more!).

> How much are classes?

Our My one-to-one training sessions are priced at £30 per hour. If you'd like to bring a friend/s, each additional person pays £10. If you are happy to share with a stranger, I may be able to organise this! I am not currently running group classes, however it's something I am looking into for the future.

> Do you offer any discounts?

Unfortunately not. I do pride myself on offering a very personal service at an excellent price, this enables me to give you the maximum amount of attention you deserve which in turn will help you to progress quicker and in a safer environment. It is for these reasons I absolutely believe my classes are already very good value for money, and I'm sure all of my students would agree.

> What are your cancellation terms?

I ask that students provide at least 24 hours notice when cancelling a scheduled session. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice are charged in full.

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